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E-BIKE Facts

-All operators must be over the age of sixteen.

-All operators must wear a helmet.

-All ebikes must have their pedals on.

-No drivers licence is required.

-No insurance is required.

-No plates are required.


-All ebikes are limited to an output of 500w and a maximum speed of 32 km/h.

-No passengers are allowed on an ebike unless there is separate seating.

-Ebikes are allowed to travel where conventional bicycles travel.


-All riders must follow the same rules as conventional bicycles according to the Highway Traffic Act.

-You can be charged under the Criminal Code of Canada for drinking and driving an ebike.

-Recharge your battery pack after every use.

-When storing batteries for long periods of time store fully charged then charge every 30 days thereafter.

-Store batteries in a warm environment.

-Only use the charger provided with your ebike.

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