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BionX is technology. BionX is flexibility. BionX is electromobility. BionX is efficiency. BionX gives you the freedom to choose where and how to ride. BionX gives you the boost when you need it most. BionX lets you increase mileage, travel further or to cruise around the block. To view our Bionx products click here. For more information on Bionx products, please visit their website.

Pedego creates a one of a kind electric bike that combines colour, style, comfort and fun while giving the rider the benefits of a regular bicycle. Pedego offers electric bikes for cruising around town or on the beach and electric bikes for commuting for work or play. Pedego can create your own colour scheme with accessories to match. Pedego lets you pedal normally or just use the motor to make riding easier. To view our Pedego products click here. For more information on Pedego products, please visit their website.

EVO and Bionx! What a combination! The Headway 3.0 is a well-appointed and beautifully-styled modern city & path bike with all the benefits that Bionx offers. This high performance ebike is ideal for recreational cyclists on urban trips. The Terraway 5.0 is literally your do-it-all dual-sport ebike. It’s confidence inspiring disc brakes, trail-worthy tires and powerful 500W D-Series BionX motor gives you the freedom to quickly go where you want to go. To view our EVO products click here. For more information on EVO products, please visit their website.

OHM is the largest electric bike manufacturer in Canada. OHM bikes are built from the ground up using proprietary frame technology and custom center mounted battery packs making them lightweight and well balanced. OHM manufactures a premium high performance power-on-demand electric bike for the city commuter and the sport enthusiast. To view our OHM products click here. For more information on OHM product, please visit their website.

Amego offers electric bikes that are stylish and high performing. Amego offers models from the classic retro to the modern sleek look finished with accents to give Amego its signature and exclusive styles. Amego uses best-in class batteries, chargers, wiring, controllers and solid frames giving dependability your electric bike needs. To view our Amego products click here. For more information on Amego products, please visit their website.

Eprodigy has electric bikes that are state-of-the-art with motors in the crank axle giving you the most efficient use of the most modern battery technology available. Eprodigy electric bikes have 5 levels of assistance built into their mountain, hybrid, cruising and commuting bikes to support your cardiovascular health and fitness. To view our Eprodigy products click here. For more information on Eprodigy products, please visit their website.

Emmo Inc is a proud Canadian company focused on designing stylish, high-quality electric bicycles that offer you a safe and convenient way of getting around the city. Emmo offers a wide variety of E-bikes that are suitable for leading a greener, and more stylish, way of living within an urban setting. Emmo E-bikes are priced competitively with other green solutions. To view our Emmo products click here. For more information on Emmo products, please visit their website.

Easy Motion electric bikes by BH is one of the oldest and largest European companies in the world established over 100 years ago. They engineer, design, test and build bicycles and electric bikes that climb with very little effort, descend with confidence. Rider performance and comfort are what make Easy Motion the ebike of choice today. To view Easy Motion electric bikes click here. For more information on Easy Motion products, please visit their website.

Belize Bicycle is a Quebec company with over 40 years experience in the bicycle industry. They manufacture and distribute specialty products for children and adults. They offer adult and childrens tricycles, industrial tricycles, tandem tricycles and electric tricycles. They carry special needs tricycles, hand powered tricycles, foldup tricycles and quad cycles. To view our Belize products click here. For more information on Belize products, please visit their website.


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